Established in 2013, Lepik Design is a full-service interior design firm based in White Rock, B.C. We specialize in creating innovative, beautiful, and functional designs that uplift our clients and enhance their lives.

Design Infused with Precision, Passion & Imagination

We work with clients, suppliers, and trades using a curious and collaborative approach, which sets the stage for an open and informed working style. This gives our clients confidence knowing that all aspects of the process have been considered and that the project will run smoothly. We are solutions-oriented, fun to work with, and bring passion and vision to each project.

Andrea Lepik

Principal & Founder

Precise, passionate, and imaginative—these are the words that best describe Andrea Lepik as principal designer and founder of Lepik Design.

As Lead Designer and Consultant, Andrea has been working closely with residential and corporate clients to deeply understand and deftly execute their vision for nearly two decades. She leads by asking thoughtful questions and listens carefully without missing crucial nuance. From there, she hits the planning table to creatively deliver on goals, needs, and specifications. She is skilled at taking projects from concept through to completion, managing stakeholder relations, and working with a team of consultants.

Andrea started her career by sketching rooms, structures, and rearranging spaces. She then completed her DID Diploma from BCIT which soon led to a 6 year career at award-winning design firm CHIL. Along with being a loving wife and mother, Andrea enjoys using her significant creative and logistical skills to execute design documents that ensure a smooth, stress-free, and satisfying design process.

Amanda Smith is a passionate and talented interior designer who creates thoughtful, livable, and tasteful spaces. She approaches each new project with a curious and discerning eye and a knack for figuring out how things are built.
With 8 years of industry experience, she is known for high-quality custom kitchen design and custom furniture design. She has also taken the lead design role at a number of popular local restaurants in the White Rock area. 
Her personal style is clean, timeless, and classic, but her projects are a reflection of her clients and their personal taste. Besides her two children, design is what truly brings her joy. She believes in creating spaces that evoke emotion.

Amanda Smith

Interior Designer & Consultant

Jessica MacAdams

Interior Designer & Consultant

Jessica MacAdams is a skilled interior designer with over 12 years of experience. For the last 8 years, she has focused specifically on kitchen and bath design. She is also experienced in millwork design and is knowledgeable about all types of cabinetry. 

The functionality of a space is Jessica’s top priority for her clients. Her goal is to make sure that the uses and goals for the space line up with the client’s aesthetic vision and personality, which is different for every client. She loves this type of creative challenge.

She is a proud mom of two who can often be found watching her son’s hockey games or going shopping with her daughter. She believes that design inspiration can be found everywhere, and she is constantly on the look-out for new sources of inspiration.

Though she is mostly behind the scenes, Rosemarie O’Dell is integral to the smooth operation of Lepik Design. Her keen eye for detail and excellent organizational skills ensure that our bookkeeping, invoicing, and receivables are in order. She also coordinates the deposits and final payments for client furniture orders. Perhaps more importantly, she keeps the team organized and supports the interior designers in their work creating beautiful, functional designs for Lepik Design’s clients.

Rosemarie O’Dell

Bookkeeper, Accounts

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