We take your ideas and seamlessly bring them to life in your space.

Our process smoothly guides you through the decision making required when building or renovating. We want your focus to be on the beautiful process unfolding in front of you—allow us to manage the rest.

01 Programming

02 Conceptual Design

03 Schematic Design

04 Contract Documentation

05 Contract Administration & Project Management

06 furniture, fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)

During this phase, we evaluate your needs, timeline, and project constraints, including budget and special requirements. From there, we will collect detailed information about the space, prepare a design schedule, review drawings, and conduct an overall aesthetic review with you to make sure we’re on the same page.

This phase combines phases 1-3 into careful documentation for full understanding and precise implementation of the project. These documents will be our primary guide to ensure that all aspects of the design are executed properly. Interior drawings and specifications become the reference for the general contractor to provide an overall interior project budget and to contact suppliers to place orders. Our documents support the general contractor in executing your design alongside any other consultants (structural engineers, architects, and so on).

The objective of this phase is to create an overall concept for your space. We consider form and function, including space planning and spatial awareness, as well as the overall aesthetic and feeling of the space, including curated samples for texture and colour reference. This phase is all about understanding how you move through and interact with your space.

This phase is when we develop initial sketches of all approved preliminary design concepts. Materials, fixtures, and hardware are reviewed and finalized, alongside your budget and timeline. Creative concepts begin to come to life as intentional floor plans.

This phase ensures that designs are being executed and implemented as the documentation indicates. Activities in this phase include site visits to oversee design execution, communications with the team, site and progress reports, and the final walk-through.

A curated furniture package brings your space together. We have a deep understanding of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and relationships with a variety of suppliers to help you add the perfect finishing touches to the newly-designed environment. Depending on your needs, we can purchase and install the goods or prepare specification documents to coordinate procurement. We will help you find excellent options that will suit your taste and your budget.

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